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Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

VerSprite Delivers Relevant and Actionable Intelligence

VerSprite Understands What is Important to Your Organization

Years of leveraging OSINT as part of the company’s red team services, and as part of its proprietary Organizational Threat Models (OTM), VerSprite has evolved as a leader in harvesting OSINT that is specific to your company’s threat model. VerSprite’s Threat & Vulnerability Management team ensures that intelligence that is harvested and reviewed is relevant and actionable to a custom-built threat model for each of our clients.

Explore Large Volumes of Proprietary Information

VerSprite provides experienced OSINT gathering tradecraft supported by multiple analytics tools that help to explore large volumes of harvested information from various threat sources. Below is a list of our client-specific OSINT planning, collection, analysis, and reporting services.

OSINT as a Service

Social Media Intelligence - SOCMINT


Fuse and layer large volumes of proprietary and OSINT data


Recognized leaders in OSINT tradecraft and intelligence analysis


Extensive scope of subject-matter expertise


Powerful software tools


Scalable: one-off, ad-hoc, or subscription-based options


Applicable to all sectors


VerSprite Investigates Potential Risks and Tracks Suspicious Behaviors

In addition to the OSINT Services listed above, VerSprite also offers Threat Hunting. Our team of experts investigates potential risks and tracks suspicious behavior using machine learning, threat analytics, and open-sourced intelligence gathering techniques. We capture threat indicators that identify both traditional and non conventional threats to your business.

Interested in learning more? View VerSprite’s presentation: “Threat Hunting: What's on Your Network?”

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