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Security Operations (SecOps)

Security Automation & Cloud Security

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Security Engineering for Cloud & On-Prem Environments

The focus of SecOps services revolves around security engineering for Cloud and On-Prem environments (which includes Managed Hosting or CoLo environments). Our team offers a range of managed security services that address customer challenges with Cloud deployments, system auditing/hardening, compliance and securing continuous integration and delivery. For Cloud, our group is addressing some of the rising challenges affecting many DevOps teams that are deploying and orchestrating machines in the Cloud. From poor architectural, rogue virtual machines, unhardened cloud components – our continuous monitoring and auditing tools are custom built for addressing and resolving these challenges.

We focus on solving unique problems for clients plagued with limited resources or costly 3rd party tools that under-deliver. From on-prem security automation that can facilitate better threat analysis to Cloud-based security auditing and hardening that is continuous and real time.

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