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Greg Mosher

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About Greg Mosher
VP of Product Development

As VerSprite's VP of Product Development, Greg Mosher is focused on DevSecOps services and new product initiatives. Greg brings nearly 20 years of experience in the anti-malware industry, starting in the early '90s when he created his first antivirus engine as both developer and researcher. He was first introduced to VerSprite as a client while working as the VP of Product and Engineering for AVG ,and later with Avast.

Mosher oversees our SecOps team to provide Cloud security, SSDF consulting and implementation, and DevSecOps services. He has been a key part of integrating security automation into our clients' software development processes (SDLC). He also oversees our AltorCloud CSPM tool (cloud security posture management), which allows organizations to have full visibility, cloud compliance checks, and security monitoring for their AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud accounts, from one executive dashboard.

Currently, Mosher sits on the CREST Americas Council where he advises the organization on how to create more strategic security initiatives for CREST members. In his spare time, he mentors students through the Georgia Tech Mentor Jackets.

Security Operations: VerSprite has extensive experience in developing and delivering both consumer and business products on a large scale. Our SecOps team of developers will help your organization deploy and maintain secure applications. VerSprite offers a range of managed security services aimed at providing a service that addresses client challenges across vulnerability management, threat analysis, technical remediation, system auditing/hardening, and more.

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